Business Overview

The reputation of AATS personnel is that of credibility and integrity. We offer extensive electricity utility experience in engineering, consulting and project management. Although we are a small business, we strive to be the most responsive technical services firm in the market. This includes rapid response to requests, quick and efficient mobilization, and consistent follow up and feedback on projects. Our extremely low overhead costs enable us to be the technical supplier of choice for your needs.

The Approach

AATS understands the competitive nature of today's business climate and the need to more effectively utilize both the internal and external resources. AATS has structured a streamlined operation to achieve our client's needs in a cost-effective responsive manner to meet today's and tomorrow's challenges. Staff members originate from many technical areas and are carefully selected for relevant experience and past performance as their respective disciplines. Our staff members are assigned full-time or part-time as mandated by the client's need. Services are provided either by specific project tasks or on a staff augmentation basis.

Fixed Project Cost Alternatives

Outsourcing work has become an attractive alternative for many utilitiy companies. The outsourcing method provides the company with fixed project costs which minimize budgetary risk. The company also avoids the expense of hiring permanent employees for short periods of peak fluctuating work loads.

Work can be performed remotely or at the client's site, depending on the client's needs. Past experience has shown that working remotely, off-site, for certain tasks results in cost savings since there are no temporary living expenses or travel expenses associated with working off-site.

With the fixed price concept, the client assumes no risk and is guaranteed quality deliverables.


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